If you are looking for the right team of builders
to fully manage your project,
Opulen can help you.


We started in 2011 by refurbishing lots of our own houses and immediately started to build systems and processes to make the projects run more efficiently. After 12 houses the size of the projects grew and more recently we have refurbished multi-million pound houses often adding basements.

Over time, we’ve found that people refurbishing their homes make sensible decisions that for whatever reasons lead to the same mistakes. We help our clients avoid these pitfalls and save them
time and money in the process.

Opulen works closely with clients to assess their lifestyle preferences and is focused on delivering homes of the highest standards. We ensure all work is completed to the highest quality
and our projects are defined by their attention to detail.


Why Opulen?

There are many reasons to work with Opulen...

All of our projects are competitively priced and we seek to pass on discounts from professionals and suppliers wherever possible to make our fees cost effective.

We work with the best teams in London that offer fantastic quality and great value.

We offer buying power and leverage. Our builders are highly incentivised by the prospect of repeat business. They offer their best terms and prioritise our clients. The same can be said for the suppliers and other professionals we work with.

With a good eye for detail and high standards, we push hard and reach for perfection.



Matthew Siddell

Founder and MD

Matthew is an entrepreneur and property investor with his own portfolio. He studied Economics at the University of Manchester, graduating in 1999, and worked in finance before starting his first business called Kin in 2004.

Kin was a genealogy firm that traced missing heirs to inheritance all over the world and solved several multi-million pound international cases. Whilst growing Kin to a team of 45 researchers and ex-police officers, Matthew started investing in buy-to-let and switched to property full time in 2011 when he founded Opulen.  

Process driven, highly organised and a demanding perfectionist, Matthew is always looking to get the most for his clients.


Other Businesses


OpulenPro owns and manages a portfolio of professional house shares in Reading.

Each house was remodelled to provide 6 bedrooms many with en-suite bathrooms.

The refurbishment is to a very high standard and with a regular team of cleaners, a gardener and a
dedicated property manager the houses suit the lifestyle of today’s young professional tenants.



Knightsbridge PPN

 Knightsbridge PPN is a monthly networking event for residential and commercial property investors
of all levels from beginners right through to seasoned professionals with large portfolios.

Expert speakers provide knowledge, experience and inspiration across a broad range of strategies and topics,
and give you the opportunity to have your questions answered.



Opulen Search

We look for opportunities on and off market.

We work with investors and landowners on a joint venture basis and share the rewards.


We pride ourselves on our integrity and always act in good faith.

All business is conducted in an open and honest way. Our fees and trade discounts are transparent and we constantly help our clients avoid time charges with third parties by opting for fixed fees and passing on discounts where appropriate.

Reputations are hard to earn and easy to lose so it’s important to gain the trust of both our clients and our partners.